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YOGA qigong  

Qigong classes - While yoga has its roots in Indian Vedic scriptures, qigong grew out of the Chinese Taoist pursuit of longevity. They are different paths up the same mountain; the goal of each is to improve the health of the body, to calm and clarify the mind, and to strengthen connection to the human spirit and humanity. Qigong translates as “life energy cultivation” and utilizes practices that enhance the flow of life force in our bodies. The exercises often involve connecting breath with gentle, circular, flowing movements, bringing suppleness to the body and flexibility to the mind. It is this suppleness that allows the free flow of healing life force (qi) and connects one to authentic being.

Ma Bu : Horse Stance

  • Knees above the ankles.
  • Knees do not fall inward, but are engaged and strong, pointing in the same direction as the feet.
  • Sacrum connecting to the earth.
  • The spine connects to heaven through the crown point.

Gong Bu : Bow Stance

  • The back leg is focusing the energy upwards (rebound).
  • The back foot is turned inwards at least 45 degrees.
  • Hips are square.
  • The spine is straight connecting to heaven.
  • The front leg is focusing the energy on the ground (shock absorption)

Pu Bu : Taming the Tiger Stance

  • Back foot turned outwards
  • The front leg is straight
  • Knees are not completely locked
  • The front foot is grounded
  • The front foot turned inwards

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