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Surya is a highly skilled and experienced Pilates trainer  with more than five years of expertise in the field. He is a certified Pilates trainer and currently works with Loco Wellness Studio, specializing in reformer Pilates. Surya's training focuses on all five principles of Pilates, which include breath control, concentration, centering, precision, and flowing movement. With his deep understanding of Pilates principles and extensive experience, Surya delivers effective and targeted workouts to his clients.

Current Role And Responisibilties at Loco Wellness Studio
  • Certified Pilates trainer
  • Specializing in reformer Pilates.
  • Trains Reformer Pilates, Cadilac and Ladder Barrel

Kheroda Sharma  

Kheroda Sharma is a multi-talented artist and fitness professional working with Loco Wellness Studio. She is a highly skilled Manipuri classical dancer, showcasing her expertise in the traditional dance form. Additionally, Kheroda is a certified Zumba instructor and has achieved recognition in the Limca Book of Records for continuously leading Zumba sessions for an impressive duration of 8 hours and 15 minutes. She is also a Piloxing instructor, bringing the fusion of Pilates and boxing to her fitness classes. Kheroda's diverse background and accomplishments make her an exceptional addition to Loco Wellness Studio, inspiring clients through the joy of dance and fitness.

Some of his achievements.
  • Skilled Manipuri classical dancer
  • Certified Zumba instructor
  • Recognition in the Limca Book of Records
  • Piloxing instructor


Vikas is a highly specialized personal trainer with a focus on functional training, HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), free body weight training, and medical condition training. He is a certified trainer from Golds and currently works with Loco Wellness Studio. With his expertise, Vikas is able to create customized workout programs that cater to individual needs and goals. In addition to his training skills, Vikas also provides diet and nutrition guidelines to complement his clients' fitness journey. His dedication to helping clients achieve their health and wellness goals.

Current Role And Responisibilties
  • HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)
  • Free body weight training
  • Medical condition training


 Ranjana is a licensed Zumba fitness instructor and an aerobics certified instructor currently working with Loco Wellness Studio. With her expertise in Zumba and aerobics, Ranjana brings a unique blend of cardio, dance, and fitness to her classes. Through her instruction, Ranjana inspires her clients to embrace a healthy lifestyle and enjoy the benefits of fun and effective exercise routines.

Some of his achievements.
  • Zumba fitness instructor
  • aerobics certified instructor.
  • A unique blend of cardio, dance, and fitness to her classes

Payal is a multi-talented fitness professional working with Loco Wellness Studio. She is a licensed Zumba instructor, specializing in high-energy dance workouts. In addition to Zumba, Payal is also a skilled trainer in Bhangra, Bollywood dance, and yoga. Her diverse skill set allows her to offer a variety of dynamic and engaging fitness classes.

Her Role And Responisibilties @Loco Wellness Studio
  • Skilled trainer in Bhangra
  • Bollywood dance
  • Yoga and Fitness Classes


Introducing an Extraordinary Individual-  Monika Mathur is an internationally licensed Zumba fitness instructor at Loco Wellness Studio Janak puri. With her extensive training and experience, Monika brings a global perspective to her fitness classes. Her passion for Zumba shines through in her dynamic and energetic teaching style. Monika's international license showcases her commitment to delivering high-quality Zumba workouts and helping her clients achieve their fitness goals.

Some of her Expertise
  • Zumba fitness instructor.
  • Fitness classes.

Ankita Walia  

Ankita is a highly accomplished professional working with Loco Wellness Studio Janak puri, West Delhi. She is a Licensed Zumba instructor, Reebok certified trainer, and Bollywood dance fitness trainer. With her expertise and passion for dance, Ankita brings an energetic and engaging approach to her fitness classes in Our Wellness Studio.

Her certifications and training demonstrate her commitment to providing high-quality instruction and ensuring a fun and effective workout experience for her clients.

Her Specialities and achievements.
  • Zumba instructor
  • Reebok certified trainer.
  • Bollywood dance fitness trainer

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