Loco Wellness Studio

¨Success is what comes after you, stop making excuses.¨

– Luis Galarza

Loco Wellness Studio was founded with the aim to provide a fun and inclusive space for people to get fit and healthy. Our studio offers a range of services, from high-energy Zumba classes to relaxing yoga sessions, so you can find what works best for you. Our expert trainers are passionate about helping you achieve your Wellness goals and will provide personalized counseling based on your needs.

Join Loco for Fitness and Fun!

At Loco, we understand that Every Body is different. Our experienced trainers will work with you to create a personalized fitness plans that fits your lifestyle and helps you achieve your Wellness goals. Lose weight, gain muscle and feel better, we can help you get there. LOCO WELLNESS STUDIO ties together Pilates, Yoga, Zumba, Aerobics, Antenatal yoga. Cardio, and Strength Training.

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