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Yoga gently  

Yoga gently - When it come to exercise for seniors, there may be no better choice than yoga. Because of its gentle and adaptive nature, yoga makes the perfect wellness routine for seniors of any age. For students of any age and experience, who wish to practice gently and relax deeply. Also recommended for bad backs and injuries.

Tadasana — Mountain Pose

Stand tall with your feet together, keep your shoulders back, neck firm and straight, and tuck the chin slightly. Rest your arms by your side with palms facing in front of you.

Vrksasana — Tree Pose

Stand tall, with feet firmly on the ground in Mountain pose. Slightly shift your weight on to the left foot and lift the right foot slightly. Depending on your flexibility and state of balance, you can lift the right foot to the ankle, shin, or thigh.

Baddha Konasana – Cobbler’s Pose

Sit on your mat and bend your knees to bring the soles of your feet together. The knees will fall to the sides, like a butterfly. Bring the knees closer into the body until you reach a stretching, yet comfortable position.

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