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Saurabh Singh  

Introducing an Extraordinary Individual: The Ultimate Fusion of Business and Athletics Meet Saurabh, a remarkable individual in his 30s who has carved a unique path for himself as both a successful businessman and an accomplished athlete. With a passion for fitness and an unwavering entrepreneurial spirit, Saurabh has achieved remarkable athletic feats and established himself as a prominent figure in the fitness industry.

Some of his achievements.
  • Ifbb pro card winner Nepal pro league in men physique.(2019).
  • Muscle contest runner up in pro show held in Vietnam 🇻🇳.(2019).
  • Sheru classic winner Ludhiana men physique.(2018)..
  • 2 times Mr.India organise by ENERGIE FITNESS.(2018)
  • IBBF runner up in men physique.(2018).
  • Jerai winner.(2017).
  • Gold classic regional show 2 runner up in men physique.(2017).

In the realm of athletics, Saurabh stands as a testament to perseverance and excellence. Having achieved the prestigious IFBB pro card, he has emerged as a true champion in the world of men's physique. His exceptional accomplishments include winning the Nepal Pro League in 2019, where his dedication and discipline were on full display.
Additionally, Saurabh secured the runner-up position in the Muscle Contest Pro Show held in Vietnam that same year, further solidifying his reputation as an exceptional athlete. Prior to that, he claimed victory at the Sheru Classic in Ludhiana in 2018 and emerged as the Jerai winner in 2017, showcasing his consistent drive for success.
Let's not forget his extraordinary achievements at the renowned Mr. India competition, organized by ENERGIE FITNESS, where he triumphed twice, demonstrating his prowess as one of the country's finest bodybuilders.
Beyond his athletic triumphs, Mr. Saurabh is a multifaceted individual who has successfully ventured into the business world. As the proud owner of Genes Fitness, a renowned gym, he has created a thriving space that fosters health, wellness, and community.
With an extraordinary blend of sporting achievements and business acumen, Mr. Saurabh stands as a role model for aspiring athletes and entrepreneurs alike.

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